Waterworks Glass

The pinnacle of quality, function and design, now available to discerning glass collectors everywhere! Presented by HAMM

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Hamm, the inventor of the recycler and of many of the diffusion systems considered industry standard today, has won awards in events ranging from the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam to the Degenerate Flameoff and the CHAMPS Glass Games. He also received international acclaim as the creator (and destroyer) of the Rocking Chair, the single largest piece of lampworked glass in history. In his 15 year career, Hamm has been featured in films, magazines, and expositions, bringing his name to the forefront of the functional glass industry. However, the availability of his work has been limitedā€¦ until now.

In response to overwhelming international demand, Hamm has developed Waterworks Glass to bring superior function and design to a wider audience. Each of Hamm’s groundbreaking new designs has been developed though painstaking research and development, utilizing the most scientifically advanced techniques available to provide theĀ  collector with an unparalleled smoking experience.